How To Feel Your Heart

Message from Sri Avinash

Tuesday 6th of November 2018, Mapleton QLD Australia.

Sri Avinash was advising a student who asked him what the heart is and how to feel her heart? Sri Avinash responded;

“You can feel your heart when you are calm and peaceful, when you’re not in your mind thinking and worrying about the future and the past. When your energy is calm and still you can feel that peace and love inside you – you can feel your heart, which is love.

We’ve been taught in society to think about the future and past, to analyse and solve problems. We do it unconsciously, we do it consciously, we do it all the time, but we don’t even know when we’re actually thinking or not thinking. The journey begins with trying to be calm and still in our energy – using meditation techniques, selfless practice and selfless living.

The habit of thinking is taught and developed over decades. So to stop thinking, to stop analysing and to stop worrying – that’s a process that takes time. The improvement is a lifetime process. The more calm we are and the more peaceful we are for longer and longer durations, the more we will be able to perceive our heart, our feelings and our love of humanity and ourself.”

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