What Others Say About Healer Training with Sri Avinash

LALITA SHARMA, Foreign Exchange Consultant

“Heartwarming experience. I felt thoroughly cleansed after the group healing by Sri Avinash at the very beginning of the program – I did not expect the opening itself to be so powerful! He really did invoke the Healer in us in just one day.

I feel that the daily practice of Mantra (infused by Sri Avinash) is naturally transforming me into a healer. It is really taking me out of my chattering mind and I see things more clearer than ever.

Now when I encounter a person who’s very angry, frustrated, irritated, etc with me (which I normally do because of the nature of my job), I do not judge them. How wonderful is that! Instead, I feel that the person is really in need of healing. Even the slightest intention of healing and helping others brings warmth in my heart and calms me down, and I convey the same energy to the other person. I can go on and on about the amount of love I’ve been getting from my family, friends, colleagues and even strangers since I started using the tools given by Sri Avinash. It is so true that whatever you give reflects back to you.”

MICHAELA ZAGER, Photographer and Business Owner

It has been one month since I attended the “Becoming a Great Healer Seminar” under Sri Avinash’s loving guidance.

Thank you from bottom of my heart Sri Avinash for this wonderful opportunity! I feel privileged, learning from the Master Healer himself.

The course was healing itself for all who attended that day. Sri Avinash has an amazing gift (one of many) to awaken your potential, to awaken the limitless One inside each of us, waiting to be re-discovered.

I believe all of us who attended the seminar re-discovered or remembered our capability to heal ourselves and others. I guess you could call that a miracle. It was beautiful!

I use my healing skills almost every day; healing myself, friends and family, plants, animals, or just sending the unconditional love and light to Mother Earth and the Universe. I am in love with the new limitless being I am slowly becoming under the guidance of true Master Healer Sri Avinash.”


I had the best time ever at the Seminar. One has to experience it to understand because it still amazes me after all this time! Also the mantra Master Sri Avinash gave us is so powerful. My heart started warming up but now the whole of my chest gets hot. It also brings tears to my eyes as my heart awakens to the healer within and the hope for those in need of healing.

CARISSA THOMAS, Acupuncturist

I loved attending the seminar. It was a beautiful space, a beautiful group of souls coming together for a common goal. I love the group picture taken at the end of the seminar – when I look at it we are all glowing. I felt so zenned out when I left that day. Look forward to attending more seminars in the future. Thank you for everything.”

LEA ELIA, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

The seminar was a truly wonderful day and I met some lovely people. The day of healing brought deeper healing to my being which I hope will help me in my work as a Yoga and Meditation teacher.

I am truly happy and blessed to have met with Sri Avinash on four occasions now. His healing abilities are so gentle and beautiful and I am grateful to have been given the tools to infuse Divine Love and Light, Peace and Chi to help others on their healing journey.


“Such an amazing experience confirming that we are all healers. Sri Avinash Do in his humble way is inspiring to listen to and learn from. Practicing the mantra and then performing this new healing technique has invoked many different responses from those receiving this divine love. I truly believe Sri Avinash Do is bringing love and peace to Australia one person at a time. This is what people are seeking – a healing of their hearts.

GITA ENTCHEVA-NICHOLAS, Brand Ambassador and Trainer

“I’ve had the healing session twice. I’ll tell you my first experience because for me it was profound. I really have some issues with my stomach and gall bladder, and I just sat there, and I could feel love, and I had tears coming down without knowing why. And then I just felt beautiful. And afterwards several people told me, “Oh, you’re glowing! What happened?” So it was really beautiful.

And the session I did at the retreat—when I arrived I suffered a bit more severely from my problems, and going into the session I was worried because I was in pain and discomfort, and I was not sure how I’m going to last through the session. But of course I was so hoping for, praying for, the healing, so I just went with it. And by the end of the session I felt absolutely beautiful—peaceful, my pain gone… my shoulder improved dramatically. I was able to do yoga! This is incredible. Two weeks ago I wasn’t able to pick up a cup of coffee, or my spoon to eat. So to do this is a huge thing.

I love Sri Avinash’s sense of humour because he makes people feel immediately at ease with him. Sometimes you think of a guru and you certainly have this enormous respect, but sometimes you can feel they are so above us and you feel it almost becomes a little bit impersonal or detached—but he makes you feel so at ease that you can be yourself with him. I love his energy and I love his devotion to humanity—his love for humanity is extraordinary, just extraordinary.”


This Master is a powerhouse of joy and negative- energy- clearing.”

DEBBIE SPIRIN, Community Support Worker

The experience of going to your retreat and seminars has changed my life. I have felt better health-wise and also felt complete and amazing peace. I will be forever grateful. Words can’t explain what I’m feeling.”


“A Great Being… a powerful healer… and a lovely man!”


“I feel so amazing after your beautiful healing today. Sending thanks and love.”

MICHAEL ROMEO, Business Owner

“Very thankful that this beautiful human being has entered into my life. Such a blessing from God. Thank you Sri Avinash for spreading God’s work – you’re an amazing human being that needs to be praised. I take my hat off to you.”


“A true Master, gentle and loving. Will change my life for the better and will benefit others.”


After my healing I just want to say, once again, thanks so much to Sri Avinash who is working magic with me. I am feeling so different!

JOSHUA HU, Classical Musician

“The retreat was more than I expected. Well, I came with no expectations, so it really blew me out of the water.

When you feel his presence it just makes you feel calm. His overall being—it just makes you so much calmer and in the moment. It was great. It was a really wonderful feeling.”


“I had an amazing group healing session. I slept so well last night. A  “H U G E” thanks to Sri Avinash.”


“Thank you Sri Avinash for your amazing words and healings, the world is a better place because of you.

CONRAD ZAGER JR, Skydiving Instructor

“There’s no other word I can use but ‘powerful’! It’s so powerful. You just surrender and enjoy that. You can feel that energy flowing, and you surrender to it. It feels amazing. Whatever has to heal, it got healed!

LORETTA VISINTIN, Environmental Scientist

The Healing Transmission session was exquisite. It was just the most beautiful feelings, you know. And you could see a real difference in everyone’s faces—before and after. Before, everyone was walking in and they just looked normal. And then after, there was this ethereal smile on everyone’s faces. They just looked so light.”

MAIA PADMA MARTIN, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

“I came to this retreat because I’d been to the free Darshan day and then the Satori and the Healing and I just wanted to immerse myself in the energy from Sri Avinash.

The retreat was more than I could have ever imagined. It was just beautiful, and every day got better and better and better.

The Healing Transmission was very powerful for me, but it was also very relaxing and calming, and so afterwards I just felt really chilled and peaceful from it.

Sri Avinash is gorgeous. I think his personality is so warming, gentle, caring. He acknowledges everybody for everything and his personality is so warm and loving and caring that you can’t help but be attracted, and I just want to sit at his feet for the rest of my life!

The retreat was more than I expected in the fact that I got so much more love, peace and joy. A sense of my Self has grown hugely, so I know myself more, my Divine Self.”

KALYANI NIKI DON, Business Owner and Hairdresser

“From my own experience, Master Sri Avinash has helped me change my life. I no longer take prescription medication for depression. I’m so grateful for his wisdom, unconditional love, and guidance. I’m forever grateful for I have found the true meaning of happiness.”


I just wanted to thank Sri Avinash for being you. I am so unbelievably grateful to have been guided to your sessions in the last couple of months.

I’ve lived all my life in the UK and never imagined I would meet someone with true love radiating from their soul. I love your beautiful gentleness and quiet calm, your boyish charm, and the way you describe things so simply and clearly.

I hope that I might be able to once again be in your divine presence at one of your upcoming retreats, God willing, but until then, thank you. And may God bless you.


My health has been gradually improving and I am very grateful to be experiencing the positive and welcomed changes. I find attending the healing sessions to be extremely beneficial.