It’s here! Free One World Healing Webinars and the

Wisdom and Power Webinars with Sri Avinash

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Tuesday 7th of January 2020, NSW Australia.

Sri Avinash’s dream is to heal the world, and through these webinars his miraculous healing gift is accessible for free to every individual on the planet. We are delighted to invite you to register now for the live One World Healing webinar and the Wisdom Talks and Power Transmission webinar. 

Sri Avinash is offering two incredible opportunities to connect and receive benefit from him via webinar. During the One World Healing webinar, Sri Avinash will transmit the healing energies of divine love, light, peace and universal chi, for your overall wellbeing and for the benefit of humanity. Sri Avinash will focus his healing on physical and mental conditions as well as your spiritual wellbeing, as his healing works to raise your vibration, balance and cleanse your main energy centres (chakras), and clear fear and negativities from your overall system.

The final 15-minutes of the One World Healing is dedicated towards healing our planet. Together, all participants will be guided by Sri Avinash to heal the planet with the power of their united healing energy. This One World Healing is tremendously beneficial for every individual, for our planet and for all of humanity. We encourage you to share this event with your family and friends as the power of so many people united for one cause can have a massive impact on the vibration of the planet, making this world a more beautiful and peaceful place to live. 

Sri Avinash will also be conducting the Wisdom and Power webinars. Be inspired by Master Sri Avinash’s words of wisdom talks, have your heartfelt questions answered and experience the powerful Meet Your Soul Transmission™ designed to help accelerate your journey back home to the oneness of your magnificent spirit. This rare transmission has the power to truly transform your life and will be an unforgettable experience.

The Wisdom and Power webinars are designed to ignite your passion to realise your Divine self and inspire you to live your highest truth. Through the Master’s words of wisdom, you will gain a deep understanding of how life works, how your mind functions and how to master your thoughts and emotions. You will also gain insight into the connection between your thoughts and emotions and how that affects your physical and mental health. Knowing these ancient and simple truths, combined with sincere practise and living, will lead you to good health, lasting happiness and self-mastery.

Sri Avinash is very excited to bring these life-changing webinars to the world so that all may receive healing and inspirational teachings no matter where they live. It is with much joy that we invite you to be a part of these webinars and encourage your family and friends to benefit as well. Together, let us transform ourselves, our planet and humanity into the light of peace and loving kindness. 

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