Sneak peek at the new FREE workshop

“Heal Yourself, Heal the World”

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Friday 31st of May 2019, Doon Doon, NSW, Australia.

Sri Avinash will bring a free self-healing workshop to the world called “Heal Yourself, Heal the World,” commencing in Australia this August. In what will be an incredible evening he will freely share the knowledge and tools that will empower people to heal themselves.

This was brought about as, despite the fact that his Private Healing Sessions are making such an amazing difference to people’s lives, if he were to carry on healing people one-by-one it would take him a million years before he could reach everyone. So this program is intended to benefit thousands upon thousands of people the world over and to enable them to heal themselves, with the aid of a self-healing mantra that Sri Avinash infuses as well as infused crystals for self-healing. In case you ever wondered, all proceeds from shop sales and Sri Avinash’s paid events fund his healing mission and allow him to offer these amazing free public programs for the benefit of all.

Sri Avinash’s vision is to give everyone on the planet access to these effective tools to heal themselves. He has given the self-healing mantra to some people during Private Healing Sessions and they have been raving about the benefits of it. We cannot wait to share this with everyone as, in Sri Avinash’s view, when every individual is healed then the planet will be healed.

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