Easter Long Weekend Retreat in the Blue Mountains 2019

News and Highlights

Monday 29th of April 2019, Sydney NSW Australia.

What great memories we have of all who came and filled the Awakening Love and Joy Retreat in the Blue Mountains with such joy and laughter over the Easter long weekend. With all the laughing, incredible transformation and great food, everyone was simply radiant by the end of it.

A truly memorable experience was when Sri Avinash infused the 10-foot tall golden Buddha statue with his compassionate spirit in a special ceremony that all Retreat goers were invited to participate in. They watched as Sri Avinash infused and brought to life the Buddha statue so that anyone who looks upon it will immediately benefit from the healing energies radiating from the Buddha to them. Afterwards, Sri Avinash handed each person a rose petal to offer to the Buddha statue as they walked a circle around it and submitted to the Buddha their heartfelt wish. It was so moving to witness the adoration and reverence everyone had on that day.


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