Dont Worry, Be Happy

Satsang with Sri Avinash

Doon Doon, NSW Australia.

There is so much anxiety in today’s world, so I would like to share a little bit about the habit of worrying, how it impacts us and the importance of shifting into a new practice of not worrying.

There is only one time in our life that there is a need to worry. That iswe need to worry about why we worry. That’s the only time we should worry – and that’s a good thing!

We should be concerned about why we worry because when we worry it makes us sick. Physically, it makes us sick. When we worry, the body releases biochemical toxins in our body which start to attack the healthy cells, and the normal functioning of the body starts to break down. It’s like a process of shutting down the body, but it doesn’t happen in one day. It takes decades for that shutting down of the body to actually manifest, because the design of the body is just amazingly robust. But worrying is initiating that shut down process.

So that’s something we should be worried about! We should ask ourselves, “Why do we worry? It leads to sickness.”

That’s on the body level. On the mind level, when we worry, the mind absolutely loves it. Believe it or not, worrying can make a person feel good. It makes their mind feel good. The mind is really sneaky, because when we worry it makes us feel it’s because we really care about something. We worry, “Do we have this, do we have that, do we have this, do we have that,” but the mind tells us, “Oh, I’m a really caring person.” So a person feels good because they think they are really caring, but it’s not true caring. It’s a bluff caring, it’s caring at the mind level.

So at the mind level, the mind loves it and feeds on it. And when you strengthen the mind by worrying, you make it dominate your life. The mind becomes king. And when it dominates your life, everything you see is just division, because the mind is a machine of division.

‘Division’ means it sees, “Wow, if I need help there is not one person I can think of that’s going to help me in this world.” It only sees loneliness and division. It’s, ‘me against the world.’ So worrying strengthens the mind which leads to greater suffering at the mind level.

At the soul level, worrying makes the soul forget who it is. Worrying makes the soul forget its magnificence, its original excitement for coming to this planet. Before the soul came to this planet, do you think it was excited? Even when we book a ticket to go overseas we are excited. The soul booked a ticket to come to this planeta much longer distance. It was excited! Worrying makes a soul forget how much it loves its journey, how much it loves life.

Based on this, you should really only worry about why you worry. If you are chopping vegetables and you accidentally cut your finger and it bleeds just a tiny bit, you make sure you are more careful next time so you don’t cut yourself, don’t you? So if worrying is causing this type of destruction, why are we so excited to continue worrying? We worry for years and years and years, and when sickness comes we wonder why. We shouldn’t be surprised—we should say, “I’ve been waiting patiently for you for a long time. I’ve been calling for you, my dear!” Because that’s what we’re doing! We shouldn’t be surprised.

So when we truly understand that worrying is not good for anybody and how it ruins our life, we will make all effort to end this painful habit. And the moment we begin to let go of our worries, there will be more room for peace, joy, prosperity and good health to embrace our life.

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