Announcing Healer Training: Becoming a Great Healer Seminar

News and Highlights

Monday 11th of March 2019, Doon Doon NSW Australia.

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that Master Healer Sri Avinash will be offering a day seminar on Becoming a Great Healer this April in Sydney, Australia. This course is designed not only for energy healers, but for anybody who wishes to understand how to heal themselves and the world.

What makes this seminar unique, besides being guided by a true Master Healer is the practical and direct approach to learning the method of healing, cutting through the unnecessary tons of theories that may not be beneficial.

Sri Avinash will teach through demonstration, transmitting to the student the actual experience of these divine healing qualities so that they can know experientially what this healing power is and what it can potentially achieve.

Sri Avinash will infuse into each student the divine qualities of unconditional love, divine light, chi (life-force), universal healing energy, fearlessness, courage, self-love, self-acceptance, patience, love of humanity, the Satori state of inner peace and calm, and many more qualities than a sincere heart can wish for.

This program is an essential must for all those who aspire to be true great healers for the benefit of humanity, themself and their loved ones.


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