Announcing the Heal Yourself, Heal the World Convention

News and Highlights

Saturday 29th of June 2019, Doon Doon, NSW Australia.

With a focus on bringing healing to the masses, we are excited to announce Sri Avinash’s free Heal Yourself, Heal the World Convention. The Heal Yourself, Heal the World Convention will be a life-changing weekend you will never forget, with three free programs taking place on a Friday evening, Saturday morning and Saturday evening dedicated to healing and uplifting humanity. It will be an integral part of Sri Avinash’s Spring 2019 Australian tour that will start on the Gold Coast in late August and visit various cities around Australia this Spring and other countries next year.

The first of the incredible programs to benefit from in the Heal Yourself,  Heal the World Convention is Friday’s Intensive Healing Evening. Sri Avinash puts the focus entirely on delivering profound healing to participants by performing an intensive live group healing session for the audience, guiding a healing meditation and sharing insights into healing that will foster beautiful positive changes in the lives and well-being of those who come along.

The joy and connection of the Inner Peace for World Peace program takes place the following Saturday morning. At this beautiful event, receive individual Darshan Healing Blessings from Sri Avinash, as well as a guided meditation, and an inspirational talk and Q&A where you have the chance to ask questions to be answered with the timeless wisdom and insight of a Spiritual Master.

The last of the programs in the Heal Yourself,  Heal the World Convention is the Self-Healing Workshop on Saturday evening. The Self-Healing Workshop will turn your life around to increased health, peace and happiness by giving you the take-home tools to continue to heal yourself. Sri Avinash empowers you by revealing exactly what you need to know about the ancient art of self-healing and the simple yet effective tools to carry it out.

The idea for the Heal Yourself,  Heal the World Convention was borne out of Sri Avinash’s intense desire to help ease the suffering of all beings on the planet. He hopes to heal hundreds of thousands in this manner from all countries across the globe, and leave people with the lasting understanding and confidence to continue to heal themselves. It is an extraordinary wish from an extraordinarily compassionate and generous heart. What’s more, all the events in the Heal Yourself, Heal the World Convention are completely free so get a group together and bring your family and friends along to share in the experience – it will be amazing.

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